This Mother’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge our Mum, Pauline... or as our children call her Pma (think “Pea Ma” for pronunciation). She didn’t want to be a conventional Granny, and to be fair, there’s nothing conventional about our Mum, so when she announced she would like her Grandchildren to know her as Pma, it didn’t seem odd at all. At nearly 70 (sorry Mum), she rides a scooter, has a collection of colourful berets, wears dungarees, shops in TopShop and makes a mean Smoked Mackerel Pâté.

Our Mum, mother to 4 girls spanning 12 years in age, and wife to Bill, of 47 years. When I remember Mum from my younger years, she was always in the kitchen. She’s a wonderful cook, and even with 4 children she still managed to put a home cooked (healthy) meal on the table every evening. Apart from Tuesdays, when 3 of us had dancing lessons, and we had super speedy “Fried Cheese Sandwiches”. Yum!

Dad worked long hours in his corporate job, and when I was small, I only remember seeing him at weekends. The rest of the time Mum had the thankless task of raising 4 girls, at varying stages of hormones, tantrums and dramas. We all did lots of extracurricular lessons.... drama, dancing, piano, saxophone, flute, drums, horse riding and they’re just the ones I remember.

Looking back, I don’t know how she managed to keep on top of everything, maintain a tidy house and have various part time jobs. Of course, I never appreciated her, and just thought she was the worst Mum ever because she wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced, wear high heels or eat too many sweets (except once a week on a Friday).

Why is it that being a Mum can be so thankless? As a Mum now myself, my 10-year-old has already threatened to leave home, and even told me he "hates me" because I won’t let him play on his Xbox all day, every day. As parents we have to suck those painful remarks up, and remember that one day, they will be us, with their own children, thinking the very same “I wish I hadn’t been so hard on my Mum”. I was a pretty horrible teenager, and gave my parents plenty of sleepless nights in the days before mobile phones kept us in reach. And now I worry about my kids doing the same, the perpetual cycle of parenting!

Having my own kids gave me a new found respect for my Mum. Now I appreciate every little thing she does for me, and the support she and Dad have given Molly and I to get our Secret Linen Store off the ground... we’ll be forever in their debt.

So, Happy Mother’s Day Mum, and thank you for everything.

Harriet x

P.S Can you look after the kids next Friday night 😉