Wow, 7 years of making your beds - 65,000 to be exact. It's hard to believe that we decided to go on this adventure all the way back in 2013. Here are some of our milestone memories from over the last 7 years...

"We had our very first Photo shoot in our friend Suzi’s house (she was on
holiday). We had to move her whole house around and put it back in 2
days. Our photographer slept on the sofa. We got some great shots that
set the mood for our brand and we were off" Molly

      "We won our first award in year one at the Retail Week Awards for “Start-up business of the year” It had been a particularly hard first year, and this felt like such a reward for the hard work and sacrifice we had made" Harriet

      "In probably year 3, I visited a holiday home in Lyme Regis and walked in to find
      our bed linen on the beds. It was a bit of a moment for me." Harriet.

        "We held important business calls on the exercise bike which sat in our first space. When we moved into our first proper warehouse, we still had all of the boxes on the floor, but it was a real milestone for us. To let you into a secret, we only took them off the floor and put them on proper shelves last year!" Harriet

        "We loved our first bed linen collaboration project with Jordan and Russell AKA 2LG Studio. They were such fun to work with and we had a great time on the photo shoot with them." Molly

        "Each and every time a customer takes the time to give us feedback, write us a note or drop us an email, always lifts our spirit. Running a business is hard, and these simple gestures make it all worthwhile" Molly

        "Every time we get a celebrity customer we have a little squeal. Although we would never kiss and tell, we’ve got quite a few now." Harriet

        Thank you so much for spreading our little secret for the last 7 years.
        We're so incredibly grateful for the support our customers have given us
        and we absolutely can't wait to see what the next 7 years has to offer.

        Molly & Harriet x