Our latest bed linen collection

This summer we are celebrating. We don’t need much of an excuse here, but we are a little bit pleased with this little lot. Molly has been busy in Portugal, we have been talking to our customers…and here is the result. We have some very new techniques, some new colours in old favourites, new accessories and lots of ideas for blissful bedtimes.

When we start a new collection, we look at the colours and patterns that we have, we talk to our customers and then Molly and Harriet talk to each other (a lot) about what is missing from our range and then we trot off to Portugal with a pocket full of ideas. We normally come back with a suitcase (or two, one ‘borrowed’ from the factories) brimming with samples that came out far nicer than we had ever imagined. This lot is the result of the search. Some just as intended, and some the happiest of accidents. We love those best.

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